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Science is Elementary, My Dear

Yesterday, the article about the Louisiana teacher who used the Loch Ness monster as proof of flaws in the theory of evolution should send a warning shot across the bow of anyone who hopes to for a turnaround in the United States’ performance in science.  The problem is widely known and plans are being made.

Carl Sagan once said that if a child is not interested in science by 4th grade, that there is little hope of for that child to enter into science, that the critical foundation, like for everything else, must be laid at a young age.  The worry is the National Science Standards will not go far enough, or be direct enough to help the cause.

At some point, teachers in public education may have need to be explicitly told that science, i.e. evolution, the Big Bang, climate change, – all of these things that have been politicized are still science and need to be taught.  How can the next generation build from current knowledge if it is kept from them?

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