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My Approach To This

I am organizing my own thinking about teaching this year, and I hope it is useful to you. If you think of other points that will be helpful, please let me know.


“Time Online” is an issue.    We know that even though families my have internet and hardware to connect with, that there are issues with:

  • Sharing hardware and bandwith, because 
    • parents who can help their child may be working from home.  
    • siblings
  • “Screen Time” for everyone is problematic for

Developmental Appropriateness

  • Besides physically and mentally detrimental, students at the age I teach probably have keyboard exposure, but no formal “keyboarding”- what was for me “typewriting” class, which was in 6th grade.
  • Their keyboard, even though perhaps smaller, may be a good supplemental fine motor exercise, but pencil on paper still should be the primary mode.  Not just for elementary school but for every level, tactile note taking has an advantage. If they miss time developing that skill, they are at a disadvantaged.

My Plan:

Morning group meeting time, mostly SEL, with a quick overview of lessons available online.

Lessons can be printed, or picked up/dropped off weekly with accompanying video (YouTube) or audio (vocaroo) instructions for asynchronous learning, QR code on lesson. As much as possible, offline.

Daily progress check in time in groups or with individuals, to make sure everyone is on board. (conference times instead of office hours, if needed) Work uploaded (probably padlet).

End of day group meeting online.

That’s what I’m thinking. What about you?

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