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To The Best of our Knowledge

thThe standard for teaching to the “best of our knowledge” in the education of science, is science itself.  We have the vast majority of scientists who have shown us in a variety of objective, measurable ways the overwhelming evidence that humans have accelerated climate change.

The responsibility of teachers is to teach the best of our knowledge, which has been articulated in “standards”.  It is the standard to teach climate change.   New Mexico, under political/ideological but not scientific influence, almost abandon the standards in 2017 [1], but reason won the day, and science by scientists remains the standard to this day.

Our school districts should encourage activities like climate rallies, which show a depth of scientific awareness and civic engagement; the responsibility of the individual not only to our society, but also to the world.  Our future, to the best of our knowledge, entirely depends upon it.  Thank you to the students, teachers, administrators, and other people (including our mayor!) who rise to this responsibility.



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