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Happy Birthday Robert Lopez

Almost three years ago now, my class was visited by my friend, Robert Lopez.  He came and talked to my students about his work with USAID.  He was on his way to Ethiopia after having been in Afghanistan, Egypt (at the start of the tumult of the Arab Spring), and various other spots that require the work of USAID.

He was on his way to be in charge of a 450 million dollar budget to assist Ethiopians. He told me “Do you remember those commercials we would see in the 80’s of children in Ethiopia starving?  The program I am going to- its a big part of the reason we don’t see those commercials anymore.  We keep that from happening.”

Thanks Robert Lopez.   Thanks for keeping “that” from happening.  And all the other “that”s which might have happened.  The world and I are truly better off because of that event (a long, long time ago) that brought you here.

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