Note to self #1((ish)


Anybody who has lived more than 10 years in a single place is witness to the fact that humans impact the environment around them.  This is observably true.  The notion that a large number of people have a large impact upon the natural world is not conjecture, except as a device to distract people who are viewed as potential competitors for resources.  Shutting the eyes, mouth and ears to the witness of the destruction of the natural world by firing scientists serves well the purpose of keeping possible competitors for resources in the dark.  A silencing of the lambs.  Although this may increase the speed and depth of devastation, it will preserve for a few a lifestyle and perhaps even a life.

Cooperation, rather than competition, which is to say democracy rather than capitalism, works to spread knowledge rather than limit it, creates the distributed processing of a problem and hope for a solution.  The active recruitment of the populous for critical thought rather than loyalty replaces cynicism with faith.

Instead of being lulled to sleep by the white noise at the top, we should continue to pique each other’s consciousness, and continue the discussion, and search for solutions to the problems we face.  This is an attempt to keep myself awake, I hope it is helpful for you, too.


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