Keeping the Duel out of the Duality

cerebral_lobesThe two party system has its flaws, not the least of which is the tendency to polarize.  During this time, during any time, if we are going to stand as a nation, North and South, right and left, self and other, we must recognize the need for the opposing point of view.  We need to respect the fact that there is a source for the differences, and insist on a reasonable exchange.  We cannot win over the “other side” if we threaten them.  Name calling- nope.  Reason.  Tell me why you think that, and let me tell you why I think the way I do.  Keep the calm in the storm.  Value each other.  There are no expendables.  Democracy is the ends and the means, and includes all voices.  Each of us must insist on all of us.

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