The Great Virtue

Gen_Hugh_Milton.jpgIn my undergraduate work from 1984 to 1988 at NMSU, I had the privilege of working for the PBS station there, KRWG, doing some video work and editing.  I was neither here nor there about politics.  I had worked with Jim Laukes, who had done a series of oral interviews, largely focusing on the relationship of the National Labs and NMSU.

In editing some of the “teasers” for the episodes, there was one with Major General Hugh Milton that I remember.  There is a statue of General Milton outside of the Journalism building which also carried his name, when I went to school there.  This was the Reagan era, and I predicted that General Milton would be all about military might.  This was the Cold War, and I was young.

He said, “In a 100 years there has never been such change.  Do we understand it?  The answer is ‘no’.”   In the course of the interview, General Milton put his arm out on the table.  In talking about the Cold War build-up he continued…”Our country is hiding its greatest virtue under a bushel.  The might of The United States is not in strength of its weapons, but in the promise of freedom”.

It was a moment when my prejudices were exposed, and proven wrong, and I was humbled when I realized it.  I think of that now.  The great virtue of the promise of freedom.

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  1. Pierotti \(Dinah/Peter\)

    Jeff, this is Peter. Thanks for posting this. I have faith that these sentiments will continue to prevail.

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