At the first of everything…


Unknown“Everywhere I go, I’m the first. It’s a strange feeling.  Step outside the rover? First guy to be there.  Climb that hill? First guy to do that. Four and a half billion years, nobody here, and now… me.”

As part of a lazy post-Christmas, Kristin and I watched The Martian this morning.  Which is a very optimistic work, and I like it, very much for that.  To channel my dad, at the beginning of a new year, we are all that explorer.  Each of us is unique in our own circumstance.  Our eyes offer their own unique perspective for this, a brand new moment in all of the universe.  This is the first time of this moment, even though we wrap ourselves in the illusion of routine and cycles, nonetheless, this is the first of it all.  We are the luckiest bits of matter, envy of all the matter in the universe, if it could do such a thing as envy.   We get to smithy into the fabric of the universe the sensation, for better and worse, and the wonder of it all.   Four and a half billion years, and nobody has ever been, or ever will be… me, or you, and these moments we have.  Happy New Year.  It is indeed all new, and it is ours to discover.

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  1. Channeling Dad indeed. He would certainly approve. Thanks, Deff.

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