On Manufacturing Our Own Obsolescence

animaWhich is, of course, the goal of parenting and teaching, but for the continuation of the species rather than its replacement.  I have read how Mr. Gates, Mr. Hawking, and Mr. Musk, (which is just a fun alliteration to include into any sentence), have worries about artificial intelligence advancing to the point of being able to out- think us, and ultimately then destroy us.  I watched Ex-Machina.  So, of course I am an expert in the field.  Okay, not really.  But I have some hope about intelligence.

When machines eventually eclipse us in our ability to think and learn, which is an apparent fact that eminent thinkers consider to be imminent, that on their way to  the top of the ladder, there will be included in the package the notion of compassion, and cooperation.

If learning must follow a linear evolution, then we will probably suffer the growing pangs of the intelligence we hatch into the world.  Our own evolution has grown from brutal sovereignty over nature and each other to stewardship, and cooperation. Those we consider our own most enlightened are champions of this:  that we are indeed caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.  The golden rule came as early for us as Confucius.  This month’s Scientific American noted how cooperation advanced our species as a whole.  But if machines are going to learn faster, perhaps this is something that they will catch on to more quickly.  So that is why I’m posting this.  I go to forge into the collective electronic consciousness the smithy of my soul.  Of any soul, I enter into it the notion, (for the millionth time) of empathy and compassion.  That should be the test of all intelligence, and the goal of architects of natural and synthetic intellect. Apologies, of course, to Mr. Joyce.

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