Tests and Protests

You may be tempted to dismiss the students who are protesting or opting out of testing as people who would not perform well on those tests anyway.  The students in my class that are opting out are some of the top performers, whose parents are extremely conscientious and present for the PTA and all of the community functions.  As a student, I was never aware enough or brave enough to participate in a protest at school which involved putting my own neck out to speak up for a cause which may do damage to my own options.  These students must absolutely love their schools to do this.  I would have just eked by and tried to not cause a commotion. I have changed.

So here’s a test for you.  Of the teachers who are protesting, some are retired.  Does that seem selfishly-motivated?  The school I work at is already going to be lowered a letter grade by the number of people opting out at my school.  Does it seem reasonable to judge the academic quality of the school as poor because a community is involved enough to take action, is that an enlightened approach to achieve compliance?  Is compliance the high-water mark of intelligence?  What do you think?

Jeff Tuttle

“Highly Effective” teacher by standards of the current regime

Golden Apple Fellow

Monte Vista Elementary School


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5 responses to “Tests and Protests

  1. If “compliance is the high water mark of intelligence”, I am so screwed! Ha Ha Ha!

  2. If compliance was the high water mark of intelligence,then slavery and segregation would still exist in America. The powers that be in NM tell us to comply – the politicians and the media – we must fight back. So I must not be that intelligent!!

  3. Nika Ann

    I have the same experience. The students of mine who are involved in protesting are the smartest and most involved in the classroom. There are my high achievers and I believe this shows that they will remain high achievers throughout their lives because they do not follow the herd. I honestly think the whole school grade thing is a bunch of bull. I don’t care what my school grade is as long as my students are receiving the education they need. If we looked at education as more of a school by school, city by city, situation by situation system as oppose to having them in competition for the “highest grade,” everyone would benefit including teachers, administrators, and students.

  4. Keely Whittington

    I could not be more proud of MVES teachers and students.

  5. Janet Sanchez

    The students who are opted out in my classroom range from special education students D level to the gifted program. Parents had such good questions about opting out. They were relieved when I was able to give them factual information so they could make an informed decision. No parent made the decision to opt out on a whim or to be part of the pack. They ALL had thoughtful questions and considerations. Their decision was based on their child. Never mind how opting out impacted our school or teachers. Our school is also dropping a letter grade due to participation. That is fine by me and the parents who made the best decision for their child. I’d say these parents earn an A or standards based 4 for researching the issue and making an informed decision based on the needs of their child. They also deserve a 4 for taking action!

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