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Tests and Protests

You may be tempted to dismiss the students who are protesting or opting out of testing as people who would not perform well on those tests anyway.  The students in my class that are opting out are some of the top performers, whose parents are extremely conscientious and present for the PTA and all of the community functions.  As a student, I was never aware enough or brave enough to participate in a protest at school which involved putting my own neck out to speak up for a cause which may do damage to my own options.  These students must absolutely love their schools to do this.  I would have just eked by and tried to not cause a commotion. I have changed.

So here’s a test for you.  Of the teachers who are protesting, some are retired.  Does that seem selfishly-motivated?  The school I work at is already going to be lowered a letter grade by the number of people opting out at my school.  Does it seem reasonable to judge the academic quality of the school as poor because a community is involved enough to take action, is that an enlightened approach to achieve compliance?  Is compliance the high-water mark of intelligence?  What do you think?

Jeff Tuttle

“Highly Effective” teacher by standards of the current regime

Golden Apple Fellow

Monte Vista Elementary School


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