Titanic, the sequel?

300px-RMS_Titanic_3There it is again, this morning.  “Census data shows poverty rate rises in New Mexico”.  I saw something yesterday that the numbers of those passing the GED have gone down.  I read that the SBA scores have gone down five years in a row.  I’ve read that New Mexico’s economy is one of the slowest in the country.  I’ve read that our state is the worst state to raise a family.  Crime is up.  Poverty is up.  Education is down.  I keep wondering by what measure Susana Martinez has improved our state?  Why do people want to keep her at the helm?  Is this some Titanic fan base that want to see the sequel?  The thing she has thrown hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars at, testing, has made education worse.  Imagine if all that money went to quality school lunches instead of tests.  We could pay local organic farms to stock our cafeterias, and keep all that money in the state, and that would be the best, most nutritious meal in the country, for that kind of money!  If you want children to grow, you nourish them, you don’t measure them while you watch them go hungry.  We need a governor who understands the connection between poverty and education.

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  1. Bill Gannon

    Can somebody run this as an Ad for King (apparently unable to do it himself…) apposing those idiot Martinez ads showing her smiling and lying through her teeth!! Please! I’d pay money for that!

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