What Do You Stand For?

IMG_3720     Today a small group of teachers took to the street while principals were being “trained” by mandate into more Teachscape madness.  For those keeping score, Teachscape is the millions of dollars system bought into by our state.  By the way, the sign here is wrong, 3.6 million is just what the state government bought the license for, add 8-15 million for our district to train and disseminate, plus all the millions more for all of the other districts in New Mexico, now your talking tens of millions, all pouring out of state, and that was just for  last year.)  All of this for an evaluation rubric that is free to use, on a dilapidated internet infrastructure which could be utterly replaced and improved upon by Google Docs.

My last post was what my uncle stood for.  The question here is for you.  What do you stand for?   What is the issue that you would take to the streets for? Education is the pivotal point for so many issues, that it is “that thing” for me.  And not just for my own benefit.  That is not what steered me into education.  I really wanted to do something with my life that I thought was pivotal for many people.  The policies don’t affect me directly much, at all.  My rating was “highly effective”, which means there are no looming consequences for me.  Also, I can step out.  I was asked to apply for two other jobs this year, outside of the classroom, by two other institutions that are outside of the impact zone of this policy.  My retirement window opens soon, so I could just quietly ride out the storm.  Other teachers at this protest are rated as high or higher than myself, of course, we aren’t even allowed to know how the ratings were ascertained.   But that isn’t the thing here.  The thing is public education, which is absolutely what I believe to be the cradle of our democracy.  That is something I will stand up for.  These policies are disastrous for public education in our state.  In my next post I will document why.    It is time for all of us to stand.  First go out and vote.  And get the word out, by every channel you have, every means.  We don’t have the Koch brothers funding us, we have to engage asymmetrically.  We have the truth, and this is the time.

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One response to “What Do You Stand For?

  1. pmyersjack

    Thank you.
    I STAND for creativity, individualism, curiosity, acceptance, intentional and purposeful structure, accountability, not merely thinking outside the box – but living, breathing, experimenting in and out of many different shapes…. not just a box.
    I am a product of 46 total years of public education.
    I am STANDING beside you. ♡

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