Ms. Skandera and SJR 2 – Letter to Legislators

Dear Esteemed Legislator,
It is time to elevate the needs of our students out of the mire of election cycle pendulum swings and the potential for conflicts of interest in dealings with private companies.  Public Education requires representation from all sides, from people who cannot make personal gains by political posts, but have, at all times, the interest of students at heart, with no question of motivation.
Please do not confirm Ms. Skandera or any other single person to the post of “Secretary of Education”, and please push forward Senate Joint Resolution 2 sponsored by Senator Michael Padilla.  This way we can make steady, well represented progress that lasts, and will not swing with party changes in the Governor’s office.  This is something we must absolutely do, for the sake of our children’s futures.
Please consider deeply the future of New Mexico.
Thank you for your service to our state.  I know it is getting wearing now, at this point in the session.  Keep standing true.
Jeff Tuttle
2103 Golden Apple Teacher
Monte Vista Elementary

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