Letter to the Editor

As classroom sizes grow, as we keep waiving the minimum class size to pay the publishers and all the systems outside the classroom, the governor keeps citing the research that says that “effective teachers can handle larger class sizes,”- we are paying attention to only one thing: how to raise test scores. The research doesn’t show the dread of the child in the over-crowded classrooms, where children are known to the state only by their number. The research doesn’t show the burn out in teachers, and the diminishing motivation to work for a system rather than for children. The research doesn’t read the newspapers about students who feel alienated, coming into schools with guns with no care left for themselves or anybody else. The research doesn’t hear the guns going off in schools all around the country, now in our own state. Do we want environments with less connection? Teachers keep insisting that some sense of community, some sense of individuality, and the small conversations are what matter. Ms. Martinez insists that even though the state is considered the worst place to raise a family, her plan will make it better. Does anyone with children out there think it’s a good idea to increase class sizes to increase our test scores? Is testing the sum of who we want our children to be?

-Jeff Tuttle
Teacher, Parent

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  1. bethgard@comcast.net

    as usual, your remarks are spot on! Keep up the good work, Jeff….. and thank you!

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