Resistance is not futile…

In response to the email we all got last week from our Public Education Department, which was essentially talking points from Pearson, I sent a message stating once again that there is no research, anywhere, not even yet manufactured by Pearson, that correlates test scores to anything closer than economic status.    There has been much research done, but NONE of it says that test scores are better correlated with teacher effectiveness than with a student’s economic status.  I asked them if they could prove me wrong, because the email said there would be also “response to our questions”.  This has been their response:


There is much effort to inform the public of the problems this Martinez policy presents.  Educate yourself about the issues, read the articles, advocate for education.   Education for learning is different than education for test-taking.  Passing of the test is a lesser goal than passing on of the inheritance, stewardship, and wonder of the world.  This is a good fight to fight.  Be hearty, and continue forward with it.

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  1. yup.
    and because i am a polite, professional educator – here is my response to their response: ” “.

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