What’s that sound?


Rage is boiling up all around us, as was embodied at our rally a couple of weeks ago, by a man who walked around yelling to teachers, in their face,  “You are to blame for the failure of our children!”.

Most of us come to this profession with altruism, real want to make a difference in the world, in the hope of propagating the ideals of democracy and opportunity for all.  We have dedicated our lives to that.  Most of us, at the end of our career, will not make half of the $125,000 that Ms. Skandera makes now.  In “logic” that would confound the insane, week after week, in editorials that are published by the Journal, and in fliers affiliated with our very own Governor, – teachers are held responsible for matters that relate to poverty.  My solution to that, is to pay teachers more, since teachers spend their money on students anyway! (By the way, that is just humor, I know we’ve already spent all our money on the evaluation system!)   It is all of our duty to be critical of all of the systems around us, and continually work to improve them, but it is also our duty to carry the conversation forward with respect for each other, and with humor.  The democratic process that keeps argument in check, which rejected these evaluation measures and offered alternatives, was abandon.  Now we are offering up public servants as fodder for political careers and worse.  Slogans and fliers are propagating rage.  Rage leads to violence.  Look where we are going.  Look where we have been.

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  1. Bernadette Edmonson

    Well said

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