My Esteemed Colleagues

Susana Martinez has officially declared war on educators.  It came out in the mail, in a glossy flier that asks why so many teachers are performing well under the current evaluation system,  and there are radio ads, both of these are tied to a non-profit under the employ of the national GOP, put together concurrently with our rally.

We shall have to do what we do best.  Educate.  We will have to teach our media to be investigative.  There are very few inquisitive reporters, but we can help.  Respond to every post in every media outlet with intelligent, referenced answers.  We will have to be careful of spelling, and our critics will not.  We will have to be mindful of tone, and our critics will not.  They will dangle their participles in front of us, we must not dangle ours back.  We must not be tempted to become low-minded.  We must help each other, and our tone to our most hateful adversaries, we must calmly bring them to a different understanding.  When you see an error in my posts, please let me know.

We shall have to be creative.  We can project things on blank billboards and walls, but our message must bring people to understanding.  Jargon and acronyms will not educate the public about our cause.  We can pass out QR code fliers that reference intelligent blogs.  There are a bunch, send me links, and I will post them here.  We can canvas the streets in our neighborhoods.


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