Rally, 10/22

Here is close to what I said:

First of all, thanks to our representatives who have struggled in the face of the selling out of public education to keep this of the people.

The PED may need to change its name to CED, because it is the corporate education department, not the public education department.

We have stared into the eyes of those who are the future of New Mexico, and the twinkles that were once in their eyes have been filled in…with bubbles.

We are here today to request a respectful conversation. Teachers need to be allowed to speak earnestly in public for the sake of education, without the threat of dismissal for insubordination.

We are here because we have been removed from the conversation. Our Constitution says the voice of the educator will be heard as the voice of education in NM. What we have instead is a person who has a deep history with corporations, but none with education.

We are because authentic conversation has been replaced with a sales pitch. They call the fundamentals of education the “status quo”. Those fundamentals are yes, teacher effectiveness, but also smaller classrooms so that we can be effective, and the last bit of the “status quo’ is instruction time.

We are here because we are throwing every resource we have at one of those fundamentals, and saying that isn’t the status quo. The sum of education is not test prep.

We are here because when the legislature, representatives from both parties, in both the house and the senate, proposed a more sensible education law last year, it got vetoed.

We are here because the system that is now installed, was installed by bypassing the legislature. Politicians who believe their own agenda is more important than the agenda of democracy have forgotten their own job. They were not elected to see how cleverly they could circumvent Democracy. They have forgotten that they were trusted to be the guardians of that process, and that the changes they make must be respectful of that process.

Teachers- we have not forgotten our job. We are not here for the pay. We are here as stewards of education. We are here because not only have we not been represented, but more importantly, children and learning are not represented. That’s the reason our constitution requires an educator, to make sure that in our society, that those closest to the greatest resource of our state, can have a say in what affects them.
We are here to call out to the public, to warn you that our state is headed in a terrible direction.

Filling in bubbles solves no real problems in our state. It wastes valuable instruction time, and puts our children to work for corporations whose interest is not education, but their own profits. Free our children.

If you want something to grow you don’t just measure it. You nourish them. That is not the status quo. It is wisdom. Thanks.


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2 responses to “Rally, 10/22

  1. bethgard@comcast.net

    Jeff,  wonderful talk.    Not what do we do???? What are our “next steps”?   Thanks.  Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni

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